Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Presidential George Bush Library in College Station

I was looking which museums to visit while I am here in Navasota. And this is what I found. You can't get away from the border wall in one way or an other...........

A few weeks ago, when we had just arrived

we were introduced to the City Council and made the local newspaper.
The paper: The Examiner gets delivered by mail once a week.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Cotton Gin Museum in Burton, Tx

This was a very cool visit. First off, I stopped at a cute little lunch place across the street from the museum to have a sandwich, which was lovely and handmade. What can be better - served with my favorite pickles.
Then I had time to spare, drove around, ended up at the Peeka Ranch where they have alpacas. But it wasn't open to the public nor did I see any animals.
After a bit more browsing, shopping at a cute place in town, meeting an artist, I drove back to take a tour at the Cotten GIN. Can't say ENOUGH GOOD THINGS ABOUT THE TOUR!!!
It is the oldest operating cotton gin in America. Now that is impressive. As you can see from the pictures, very much worth a visit. Or better then the pictures.