Friday, February 9, 2018

Opening Reception at the "Beyond Borders: Stories of im/Migration" by Gutfreud Cornett Art at Santa Clara University in CA

It was a well attended Talk and Reception. I am always hesitant to fly to Openings out of state but I was glad I went.
Some photos were shared with me by Diane Andrews from the and Gutfreud/Cornell Art. Thank you to all of them and everyone who came and participated.

Sunday, January 21, 2018

The Woodlands High School Art Trust 2018

Which high school do you know has an Art Trust? This year, I am a finalist in the Art Show at the Woodlands, just north of Houston.
The finalist's were invited for a luncheon and left their artwork for display. The student body votes on which pieces to add to their permanent collection. Part of the money comes from a trust fund and money raised during the homecoming game. I really like the idea.

Dr Robert LM Hilliard Center celebrates opening Saturday

PR photo of all the photos with Art Curator
I feel very honored to have a piece in the Dr. Robert L.M. Hilliard Health Center. A much needed facility on the East Side of town. All the artwork chosen, is very colorful and complimentary to the state of art equipment in the facility.